Master Bedroom Makeover Part 2

For me, one of the biggest transformations anyone can make is slapping a new color of pain on your walls. Paint can be a very powerful tool that can you can use to change the entire mood of your room. My husband went out of town for two days, which for me, turns into my…Read more »

Chalk-Painted, Antique Piano

Do you ever go online, minding your own business, scrolling endlessly and then the thought pops in your head…maybe I should check my local “for sale” sites??  Well that’s how this story all came together. I’m typically a Craigslist or online auction shopper, I rarely look at my local facebook for sale sites.  For some…Read more »

Powder Room Progress

Ok, so what is it with old houses and hideous bathrooms?? I think they come as part of a checklist included with old houses.   Amazing woodwork: CHECK! Beautiful hardwood floors: CHECK! Hideous bathrooms and kitchen: DOUBLE CHECK! So we have two bathrooms currently in our beautiful old home…but unfortunately the bathrooms are lacking the…Read more »

The Beginning

Okay ladies and gents, this is officially the first post for Rustic R&R!! Starting a blog has been consistently on my mind since we bought our new “old” house one year ago. Let me give you a little background on both myself and my family before we begin…. A long, long time ago in a…Read more »