Powder Room Progress

Ok, so what is it with old houses and hideous bathrooms?? I think they come as part of a checklist included with old houses.  

Amazing woodwork: CHECK!

Beautiful hardwood floors: CHECK!

Hideous bathrooms and kitchen: DOUBLE CHECK!

So we have two bathrooms currently in our beautiful old home…but unfortunately the bathrooms are lacking the beauty that this house deserves. 

Exhibit A: See below…

So are you all laughing right now looking at this, ’cause I sure am! This is 50’s/70’s finishings at their finest!  I mean really…what were people thinking when they put these combinations together??  

Of course this is the small bathroom right off the kitchen that gets used the most.  Between four kids and a constant stream of visitors/family, this bathroom gets a lot of use! So naturally I want it to be pretty so people don’t get a misinterpretation of us, right??!

So when we started tearing apart the kitchen, naturally we gutted the bathroom.  

**Take note of the beautiful wallpaper we had in the kitchen as well!

Let’s just say gutting the small bathroom was no easy feat! Underneath all that tile on the wall was a metal mesh that was razor sharp and nailed about every six inches to the wall.  My poor husband really had his work cut out for him. 

Now anyone that does any kind of remodeling knows that things usually look worse before they get better, and this was definitely the case! We ended up taking the sink out initially and left the toilet in so that it was still somewhat functional.  Also thinking that we would get it done right away…guess again! Our kitchen remodel is just about to hit the 6 month mark and it’s still not done! But we will save that for another post.

My husband and I are definitely not professional contractors. We are usually looking for the cheapest and quickest route to get something done and looking pretty.  So we decided to piece in the Sheetrock where it was needed and forego the mudding and taping process.  You know why?? Because I have something waaaay quicker and prettier up my sleeve!

And also note the missing wallpaper on the kitchen walls that were replaced with more shiplap…SQUEEEEEE!!

I’m sure I’m not the only one out there that loves me some shiplap! It can be such an easy and quick fix IF you go the cheap route like we do…

Generally we like to buy sheets of 1/4″ plywood and “rip” them with our table saw into the shiplap style planks that we all know and love. We like ours to be about 7 1/2″ wide to cut down on waste.

And here they are after using our nail gun to install them right over all the ugliness!

The plywood we bought for the size of the bathroom cost us approx. $20.00.  We originally priced some tongue and groove chippy finish shiplap from Menards but that was going to cost us onwards of $300.00!!!! So we decided that the cheaper route would be best (as usual).

It’s amazing how a little paint (a lot less foily wallpaper), and some wood planks on the wall can already completely transform a room! You can also see a glimpse of my sweet tile that I can’t wait to install 

*insert happy dance here!*

I can’t wait to show you the progress that we’ve made since this point and our ADORABLE vanity that I’m repurposing from an old cabinet that I bought off of an auction. 

Let me tell you, it’s going to be amazing when we are done with this sweet little powder room! Stay tuned for more updates!

The Beginning

Okay ladies and gents, this is officially the first post for Rustic R&R!! Starting a blog has been consistently on my mind since we bought our new “old” house one year ago.
Let me give you a little background on both myself and my family before we begin….
A long, long time ago in a place far away…just kidding…so originally I am from the twin cities in Minnesota. I went to nursing school in Wisconsin and met my husband while he was going to college in the cities. He is a country boy at heart and grew up on his family farm. Let me tell you, the farm was always something that I loved the idea of. I always wanted a bunch of animals and our kids to someday grow up with a doing daily chores and a strong work ethic. We ended up getting married and bought the small farmhouse next to his parent’s farm.

Loose roosters and lots of kitties on our front porch was definitely a way of life. As we started having children we realized that our sweet little farmhouse was becoming a little too small and we started looking for a house that better fit our now family of six.
After A LOT of searching we finally found a home that checked off most of the things we needed in our new home.

And here she is in all of her glory…a little over grown and a lot of 70’s decor and wallpaper. But we were able to see past all of that and see this house for what it truly had to offer; a huge amount of potential! There is so much character in this house just screaming to be brought back to life. I mean, look at those pillars and stained glass!

This blog is mainly going to show people that no matter how neglected, or out dated a home, or even a piece of furniture can start out as, it can become that much more beautiful when we put the extra love and work into it. I love to refurbish and repurpose any and all things rustic which is where my blog name came from; Rustic R&R. I’m sure a lot of you can relate that DIY can be relaxing and I know for myself that any good “project” can take the everyday stresses and make them more manageable. Please subscribe to Rustic R&R to stay up to date on all of my fun DIY projects and everything rustic!